4 Warning Signs Your Home Needs New Wiring

Your home's electrical wiring won't last forever, and if you live in an older house, you might be putting you and your family in danger by living in a house that hasn't had it's electrical wiring upgraded in a long time. There are a few warning signs that you should be on the look out for that indicate that it's time for you to hire an electrician to install new electrical wiring in your home.

Constant Circuit Breaker Trips

Your circuit breaker exists to help prevent electrical fires. It does this by tripping when it is overloaded, so that an electrical load that your home can't handle won't overload your wiring. If your circuit breaker is tripping regularly, it is because you have too many amps flowing through that particular circuit. If you notice it tripping from regular use, it is most likely that your old wiring can't handle the load. Instead of just flipping the circuit breaker every time it trips, you should have an electrician come in and examine your wiring. He will be able to determine the amp loads of your circuits, and tell you whether or not you should update your wiring system.

Flickering Lights

One surefire sign of a circuit breaker that is overloaded are lights that flicker or dim constantly. If you notice dimming and flickering in just one light, make sure that the problem is not just the light bulb. However, if this problem can be found in many of your lights, this is a sign that your wiring can't handle the current load of your home and should be replaced.

Odd Smells

When your electrical wiring is working properly, it shouldn't be noticeable at all. This includes no odd smells. If you notice the smell of burning or acidic smell, you need to call an electrician immediately. This smell is indicative of shorts in your wiring, as the wiring shorts the spark catches on the wiring and causes odd smells. If you notice weird smells, you should immediately turn off the circuit for the area that you notice the smell coming from and call in an electrician.

You Have Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum wiring isn't found in newer homes, but it was a popular option for older homes. This wiring has the downside of both contracting and expanding as it is exposed to different temperatures. This, in turn, leads to loose connections, which can lead to electrical fires. If your home has aluminum wiring, it should be replaced as soon as possible.

If you have noticed these signs in your own home, don't procrastinate installing new wiring. Old wiring is hazardous and could end up damaging your home. Contact a company like Calgary PRO-FX Services Inc for more info.

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