6 Things You Can Do to Brighten Your Electrician's Day

If you're about to have a major electrical project completed at your home that requires many hours of work, consider some thoughtful actions that will brighten the electrician's day. It's not common for people to tip electricians, and in fact, some companies don't want customers to tip their skilled tradespersons with cash. However, you can show your appreciation for the hard work in other ways.

Clean the Work Area Beforehand

Get clutter out of the way where you know the electrician has to work. Wash the dirty dishes and take out the garbage. Make sure the cat's litter pan is clean if it's located in any area where the electrician will spend time. 

Offer Beverages

Offer bottled water, soft drinks, or coffee to the electrician when they first arrive. You could set out a few bottles of water and soda in a cooler with ice or tell the electrician to feel free to get some from the refrigerator.

The beverages you provide might be connected with the season and the weather. For instance, someone might enjoy a cup of hot chocolate in the middle of winter, but prefer a sports beverage in the heat of summer. 

Supply Snacks

Set some snacks on the counter and let the electrician know this food is free for the taking. You might provide bags of trail mix, some fruit in a basket, single-serve bags of chips, and packets of cookies.  

Pay for Lunch

Tell the electrician you're heading to a sub shop or pizza joint for takeout—or getting some food delivered—and ask if you can buy them lunch. 

Give a Gift Card

Pick up a gift card ahead of time for a casual restaurant in your area. This is a way of providing a tip without actually handing cash to the electrician. The amount doesn't have to be high—just enough for one person to have lunch is suitable. 

Call the Company and Express Approval

If the individual who completed work at your house isn't a company owner but an employee, call the company to express approval. Tell them how much you appreciated the fine work that was done as well as the person's friendly demeanor and positive attitude. Say that anytime you need electrical work done, you prefer to have this particular worker on the scene. When the electrician later is told what you've said, that will make their day. 

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