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Karwar Districts first Website www.eKarwar.com!!! &  Proudly  Offers 1GB, Spam Free email "Yourname@eKarwar.com" Join Now !! and be a part of The Online Community of Karwar.

Welcome to http://www.ekarwar.com " The Online Gateway to Karwar ". This Website has Since its inception in 1998  been working for bringing Uttarakannada  District and Karwar on the world map by making it accessible online, and also providing a platform for the citizens here to interact with their loved ones abroad. This Site is dedicated to the local people, the rich cultural heritage of the region and the intellectuals and brave people it has given towards the country's development.

eKarwar.com was formally inaugurated by the Hon'ble Minister for Medium Heavy Industries Govt of Karnataka
Sri. R.V.Deshpande during the 2003 Karavali Festival. This site has had the credit and privilege of beaming the Karavali festival live on the internet using its live video feed capability which was viewed by more than 400 visitors abroad.

Karwar as told by
Sri. Rabindranath Tagore is the Kashmir of south India while he looked at the western Ghats ( Sahyadri Range) and  Karwar beach along the Arabian sea on its side which greatly inspired him for writing his poems.

The People of Uttara Kannada and Karwar are well known for their valor and commitment towards their motherland, what else can prove when we have the lone recipient from Karnataka state to get the country's highest Gallantry Award the
Param vir chakra
2nd Lieutenant Rama Raghoba Rane .

Karwar is now the chosen place for the Asia's Biggest Naval Base
Project Seabird which would be called INS Kadamba after its formal inauguration and would establish India's supremacy in south Asia. Karwar is also known for Kaiga  which is Nuclear Power project currently undergoing its 3rd and 4th Unit expansion.
How To Reach Karwar :
BY ROAD: There are buses to Karwar from Bangalore (520 kms) and from Goa (100 kms). One can reach Karwar by bus from Mangalore (273 kms) and Belgaum (167 kms) too.
BY RAIL: The nearest Railway station is Shirwad/Karwar 2Km From Karwar on The Konkan Railway.
BY AIR :Nearest airports are Goa 100, Mangalore 273  and Belgaum 167.

Uttara Kannada

Uttara Kannada District was initially under Madras Presidency and subsequently came under Bombay Presidency. After Independence and till 1956 the District was in Maharashtra State and after States reorganization, merged into Karnataka.

The cultural pattern of the people has thus been influenced both by Maharashtra and Northern Karnataka. The languages spoken in this District are Kannada & Konkani. Goa being the border State, Portugal culture has also influenced the District.

Uttara Kannada District, lies between 130 55' and 150 31' north latitude and 74" 9'
units and 750 10' East longitude.

Uttara Kannada District  has a coastal line of 144 kms. extending from Majali on the north to Gorte in Bhatkal Taluka on south and is endowed with natural resources. The District has 14 minor ports. The national Highway No.17 and the Konkan Railway passes along the coastal areas in this district, facilitating good communication and transport.


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